A speaker designed to make personal connections through music, controlled with natural gestures.

Music streaming platforms allow us instant access to vast catalogues of tracks, but users still struggle to discover inspirational content. Sonora is a speaker designed to make personal connections discovering music. The tangible interface is inspired by how we manipulate non-technological objects, so it is controlled solely with gestures –no buttons or screen.

My aim was to create a fully developed product that provided a connected experience with a Tangible User Interface –as defined by MIT's Tangible Media Group. I explored what subconsciously apprehended gestures could be used to interact with a digital device, dissolving design into behaviour

Exhibited at
I Foro Universidad, Diseño y Empresa at Espacio Kutxa, San Sebastián.




Share songs with the app.

Send a song and a voice note to a friend with the app.




Discover tracks in your device.

Receive tracks and voice notes sent to you with Sonora.


Blending design into behaviour.

My aim was to design a hand sized device that triggered curiosity in users to approach it and engage with it. I searched for a compact conical volume that remained still when tilted on its side. This is achieved with a cone with tapered sides.



An ethereal soundbox.

All the electronic components are encapsulated inside a stainless steel metal spun part –the electronics container. The polycarbonate cover acts as a perfect resonance chamber for the speaker inside.