Ghost nets are parts of fishing nets that have been lost or abandoned in the sea by fishermen. Due to legal hurdles this activity is rarely punishable. Ghost nets carry on trapping fish and cetacea before breaking into thousands of pieces to become part of the plastic soup floating in our oceans. Every time a tuna seining boat deploys its net it breaks and rags are abandoned in the sea.

Remora is a system geared towards industrial fishing that helps fishermen fix the net and NGO’s recover the lost pieces for recycling. The RFID tags are unobtrusive devices with printed electronics installed during the manufacturing of the net. The app provides information to understand incidents in the net and take actions to repair it or find the lost parts.

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James Dyson Foundation Award, National Winner 2014 (Spain)

Ventura Lambrate, Decoding Creativity, Milan 2016.
Bienal Iberoamericana De Diseño, Madrid 2016.
CentroCentro, Recursos Humanos, Madrid 2015.

LIFE-GHOST Final Conference, Venice 2016.

Picture by Kiwi Bravo.

Picture by Kiwi Bravo.


A bold RFID tag.

A hydrodynamic device that comes in safety orange, a colour used to make marine emergency equipment stand out in the sea.


The clearest interface.

The app features high contrast colours in order to be legible in the sunlight of a boat deck.


Get actionable information.


Act accordingly.